CC2017 x Steam Controller

After the release of our last bind set for the Steam Controller and Premiere Pro, Adobe updated their keyboard binding system which broke our files. Since then, we’ve swung back around to fix it and have updated the system for both speed and comfort.

At the beginning of any editing session, after organizing and logging all of your footage, you start the long task of watching it all and pulling selects. This step is crucial even if you shot your own footage; you weren’t in the same mindset then that you are now. The amount of time it takes to do this varies but even a short session can feel like a slog when you’re bent over your keyboard and mouse hitting the same few keys over and over again. Your back usually gives up before your will to edit. Wouldn’t it be nice to lean back, stand up, or walk around while editing?

Download v4 of the bind set here

Enter the Steam Controller: A highly customizable, inexpensive interface device built to allow games designed for a keyboard and mouse to be played on a controller similar to those used on consoles. By modifying the keybinds in Premiere, we’re able to access 68 functions using only the 6 standard buttons and the directional button features on both touch pads. And by having your hands either on or centimeters away from the functions you use most often, you’re able to edit that much faster. You may revert back to the traditional keyboard and mouse method for the finishing touches but having tested this system for a number of weeks, it’ll get you 85% there quickly and more comfortably than ever before. Coupled with the Steam Link, you could even edit from the comfort of your living room couch (and get to use that big screen for color work).

This bind set is an ever-evolving system and will change as time progresses and it gets more use. The video below gives a quick primer on how it all works and shows you how to add your own functions or edit existing ones if necessary. If you have any suggestions in regards to improving the efficiency of the system, drop a line on Twitter.

Download v4 of the OWL BOT SC x PP Bind Set