Season One: Recap

2017 saw the launch of Season One. At first it was intended to be a showcase for multiple artists, primarily scripted, with some music videos thrown in. Obviously that changed. For multiple reasons we didn’t hit our goal and instead created a series mostly focusing on artisans and their craft. While I’m proud of the work done, it’s not what was originally intended and that will always come with a tinge of melancholy. Season Two will not begin until we have a more solid plan in place (an error on my part for S1) and therefore will not take place in 2018. This year will still see standard releases and collaborations as always, but will not be in an organized format like Season One was. 2019 is a solid guestimate for Season Two, I’d say. In any case, here are all the posts from Season One. I hope you enjoyed them, and I look forward to providing even more engaging content for everyone to enjoy in the following year.

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OB 01×01 – CANVAS

Watch OB 01×01 – CANVAS on YouTube.

OB 01×02 – BUMBLE

Watch OB 01×02 – BUMBLE on YouTube.

OB 01×03 – JAZZ

Watch OB 01×03 – JAZZ on YouTube.

OB 01×04 – THEORY

Watch OB 01×04 – THEORY on YouTube.

OB 01×05 – UTILITY

Downloadable STL files to 3D print a relatively iffy V-Lock battery belt clip and a very usable lens cap for the Sony X3000.


Watch OB 01×06 – TRANSMISSION on YouTube.

OB 01×07 – LINE

Watch OB 01×07 – LINE on YouTube.

OB 01×08 – STAVE

Watch OB 01×08 – STAVE on YouTube.


OB 01×10 – FUNK

Watch OB 01×010 – FUNK on YouTube.

OB 01×11 – ANNEX

Watch OB 01×011 – ANNEX on YouTube.