Tiffany Dunn on Cinestill 800T

While shooting Tiffany Dunn’s next music video, she and Kenny snapped a few frames on a fresh roll of Cinestill 800T between takes.

Teradek Bolt 3000XT

Kenny visits Stray Angel to give a quick overview of the Teradek Bolt 3000XT wireless monitoring system.

Britni Sumida // Sprocket Models

While filming the second lookbook for P&Co’s “Dark Daze” collection we took the time to snap some Sprocket Shots with Britni Sumida.

35mm to 120 Adapters

We are now selling the 35mm to 120 film adapters used to shoot Sprocket Photography.

Run & Gun Filmmaking pt2

An update to last years video about the OWL BOT camera setup, associated accessories, tips & tricks to shooting solo or handheld, and more.